Jack Herer Strain



THC: 23%, CBN: 1%


Initially, the Jack Herer strain is effectively extraordinary compared to other known strains in America. Starting in California, this sativa praises the memory of Jack Herer, the man, a long-term neighborhood cannabis extremist and clinical weed client. It’s not exactly as solid as its prevalence would recommend, yet the high is powerful and particular.

Additionally, this strain has a unique loamy smell and taste with traces of pine and trees. The Sativa high is glad, effervescent, and euphoric, prodding energy and inventiveness. This strain is ideal for tasks and other daytime exercises. This jack herer strain is compelling for patients with mental or neurological issues, including bipolar confusion, nervousness, headaches, PTSD, and ADHD. In addition, dry mouth, red eyes are regular, alongside intermittent wooziness and distrustfulness. Consequently, this strain is well known all through the United States. However, in the same way as other different strains, it’s generally famous in the West.


Body HighCerebralCreativeEuphoriaHappy

May Relieve 

ArthritisChronic PainDepressionFatigueHeadachesMigrainesNauseaPTSDStress