Kurvana Cartridge



Firstly, kurvana cartridge is a culmination of the latest extraction science, advanced device technology and their full-spectrum oil for the purest expression of potency and quality. Thus the line originated from a small, in-house project to create the most potent vape cartridge available without sacrificing purity or taste.

Also, buy kurva cartridge online With cannabinoid potencies reaching 95%, its effects are instant and intense.Kurvana uses their own custom extraction machines and methods to produce full-spectrum oils that contain plenty cannabinoids and terpenes to preserve true-to-strain flavor profiles and effects.All Kurvana ASCND cannabis oil are highly potent, testing at over 80-90%+ THC. Therefore, these are excellent vape cartridges for those who enjoy intense psychoactive effects.


Further more, the original kurvana cartridges is using a cheaply made cartridge that is from years back ago. This is not tobe confused with  “Kurvana Originals” their new higher end line.

Also, When taking a huge hit with this cartridge the wick makes it a bit harsh. This cart reminds me of an Americanna cartridges I reviewed, that was a budget brand. Writing this Kurvana cartridge review made me have an appreciation for other companies who innovate their products to create a better vaping experience.

Why kurvana?

Potent: The most common response to our new line? “This is what I’ve been waiting for.” Enjoy intense cannabis relief without carrying around heavy, conspicuous glass or butane torches. With potencies averaging 90%, ASCND ensures the most ample dose per draw you have experienced.

Transparent: They put as much care into what goes outside the box as what they put inside it. Introducing KurvanaScope: packaging graphics that offer all the comprehensive lab results you need in a single glance. Thus, Every ASCND product provides the full KurvanaScope report, compiled from test results by trusted third party facilities. Hence, With KurvanaScope, you don’t have to take our word for it; see exactly what you’re vaping, every time.



  • EARO – Earth OG
  • LUNO – Lunar OG
  • NORL – Northern Lights
  • PURP – Purple Punch


  • COSG – Cosmic Glue
  • PINS – Pink Sherbet


  • TAND – Tangie Dream
  • KEYL – Key Lime
  • CANJ – Candy Jack
  • AMNH – Amnesia Haze