Pure Pulls Rechargeable Vape Pen


Contains CO2 Cannabis Oil

Available in full (1g) and half (0.5g) gram cartridges.

This vaporizer uses a 510 threaded battery and cartridge. Units are generally compatible with any other 510 vaporizers hardware.


Available Strains:

Granddaddy Purple (69.9% THC)

Strawberry Banana Kush (65.6% THC)

Sunset Sherbet (65.6% THC)

Trainwreck (63.25 THC/0.04% CBD)

Durban Poison (64.7% THC/0.08% CBD)

Super Lemon (64.7% THC/.08% CBD)

Girl Scout Cookies (63.2%THC/0.04%CBD)

Tangie (68%THC/1.1%CBD)

Blue Dream (63.2%THC/0.04%CBD)