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Serial entrepreneur, automobile aficionado, jeweler to the stars introduces his premier VVS Cannabis lifestyle products and accessories to the world. Check out the Exquisite selections of the finest vapor cartridges, gummies, and tinctures that will satisfy the most particular recreational users and patients. Experience that Diamond life like no other with VVS.

Come ride and smoke with vvs pens and experience quality you can tell the difference. Pre-filled THC cartridges carefully crafted by Ben Baller has a top notch distillate mixed with premium terps to give you the smoothest puff on the market. Shine your brightest all day long and stay on top of the game of life with VVS perfectly THC | CBD pre-filled carts.

Pure, brilliant and full-flavored Sativa blends that’s great for finding inspiration to motivate, create and excel inside that daily grind.
For those seeking the full body, relaxing experience, simply choose Indica blends to soothe the soul and melt away aches and pains associated with that daily grind.
Adventure awaits with superior Hybrid blends targeted to deliver the perfect balance that’s best of both worlds. Complete CBD blends of gratifying goodness that’s full of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes to treat your body right.



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