Cookies Carts


Cookies Carts Brief Introduction

Cookies Carts (cookies cartridges) As a Brand Name found By Berner and Jigga his long time buddy and pal in 2012. Hence today Cookies is one of the best and most famous and respect Cannabis brands to sell  in the US and some other parts of the world. Cookies is not just any brand name it represents Berners Vision and How he wants to bring together Varieties of new strain. Thus Cookies Expand in From Being A cannabis company into creating Street wear in 2015. Therefore today cookies clothing brand also has made name for itself and now has many different clothing. That is for both males and females.

Also, Cookies Products are being Distributed By Culta, Born in 2014, Culta is Maryland’s premier craft quality producer of cannabis flower and cannabis extracts. We are proud and passionate cultivators, scientists, activists, musicians and global citizens.

Lastly, Cookies now has over 50 cannabis varieties and product lines including indoor. Also outdoor and sungrown flower, pre-rolls, gel caps and Cookies carts.